10 inch QUEEN MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS Traditional or Cool

10 inch QUEEN MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS Traditional or Cool
10 inch QUEEN MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS Traditional or Cool

10 inch QUEEN MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS Traditional or Cool
2 FREE Memory Foam Pillows. YOU CHOOSE YOUR SUPPORT TYPE. 10" Traditional Firm or 10" Traditional Medium firmness with 2 FREE Memory Foam Contour Pillows. Rest in total comfort on this 10-inch memory foam mattress - this bedding accessory is sure to help you enjoy a great night's sleep night after night.

Composed of 2.5-inch advanced'next generation' viscoelastic (memory) foam on a 7.5-inch polyurethane base. Aloe-vera treated mattress cover is zippered for easy removal and washing. Memory foam is resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial.

Mattress never needs turning and can be used with any existing box springs or platform bed. Includes two bonus memory foam contour pillows size 20"x14"x4. Includes free Quilted Mattress cover which arrives already on the mattress.

To maximize memory foam expansion; remove from packaging within 72 hours of receipt. This product arrives very tightly packed.

Please unwrap and allow 72 hours for this product to return to its original shape. 10" Cool Medium Firm or 10" Cool Medium Soft.

With 2 FREE Memory Foam Contour Pillows. This mattress has an open, memory foam cell structure that allows cool air to displace warm air. Topped with a 2.5-inch, 4-pound,'Cool Wave' memory foam layer. The top Cool Wave Visco Memory Foam layer has a wavy texture. This is part of the cooling system.

The middle, 3-inch core foam support structure contains thousands of air-flow ducts to distribute cool air throughout the mattress, allowing the mattress to remain cool despite your body heat. The 4.5-inch high-density base foam helps conform to your body and eliminates the uncomfortable pressure points and motion transfer. Features a soft yet supportive firmness for those who prefer a more cushioned mattress. Generated through a specialized process which eliminates impurities and utilizes one of the more eco-friendly foaming methods available. This NASA-inspired mattress never needs turning and can be used with any existing box springs or platform bed.

Overlaid with a non-flammable treated fabric. Mattress cover is machine washable.

Due to the nature of Memory Foam the firmness level of every item is unique. Please be advised that even similar products may produce different firmness results. Firmness Guide We have different firmness levels. Remember that memory foam is MORE firm than a spring mattress as it is intended to be more supportive. Please note that firmness levels are completely subjective to PERSONAL TASTE.

What is firm to one person can be soft to another. We do these ratings as a guide and they are rated against each other, not other brands.

Here are our different levels, in order from Our most firm to our most soft Our Most Firm: 10 Extra Firm Our Firm: 10" Traditional Firm, 10" Gel Firm Our Medium Firm: 14" Cool Medium Firm, 10 Traditional Medium Firm, 10 Cool Medium Firm, 14 Cool & Gel Our Medium: 14 Cool Medium, 10" Traditional Medium, 10" Cool Medium, 8 Gel Firm, 10 Cool & Gel Medium Our Medium Soft: 8 Cool Medium, 10 Cool Soft and Supportive, 8 Cool & Gel Medium Our Most Soft: 10" Cool Medium Soft, 8 Cool Medium Soft Remember- memory foam is MORE firm than a spring mattress as it is intended to be more supportive. Memory Foam Do's and Don'ts. Being sealed in plastic packaging sometimes traps odors.

Odor will slowly dissipate over time. Due to machine cutting manufacturing processes, there may be slight variances in the dimensions of this product. Why does memory foam have an odor when it is new?

The "fresh foam smell" odor associated with new memory foam is completely normal. It will dissipate with time and airing. Just like any new foam product- upholstered furniture, vehicles, office furniture, etc. The "new" smell will dissipate with time.

Mattress measurements: Queen 60" x 80". Inside the package with the mattress.

Where is your mattress cover? Mattress comes compressed and may need 72 hours for bed to fully recover. We always want our customers happy and give the most honest and complete info ahead of time. Feel free to ask questions. We are happy to help!

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT US... We are a born and raised California FUN family company.

We are also a very kind group of people. We offer friendly and helpful service. We do not choose to tear down our competitors businesses with statements that ARE NOT TRUE. We are here for you, the loyal customer, 7 days a week with smiles on our faces! ABOUT OUR MEMORY FOAM PRODUCTS Our products meet the highest US and international standards. Our mattresses are registered SAFE by the best US regulations facilities: SGS, QAI, Intertek, Eurofins We voluntarily test our mattresses for quality assurance more often than most US manufacturers recommend. How can we sell them at these prices? We work on very small margins. We sell so many of our AWESOME mattresses at our every day low prices that we can barely keep stock in our state of the art 250,000sq ft California Warehouse. OUR MATTRESSES ARE GREAT- We believe in our products! We sleep on our mattresses, our small children sleep on our mattresses, all our family and friends sleep on our mattresses! We always stand by our products! TESTING INFORMATION Our mattresses are tested by the best US regulations facilities: SGS, QAI, Intertek, Eurofins The United States mandates that all bedding undergoes rigorous testing for physical performance, content, indoor emissions and environmental stewardship.

We have highlighted a few of our tests here. So we have opted to make it straight up. Plus we don't frustrate people either. Plus we always stand by our products if there is damage or defect.

We have very low margins. Plus the exclusions for mattress warranties are almost impossible to abide by: ie no stains, no odors, it has not been moved, original online receipt, etc.

Their warranties usually do not cover an indentation or sag in the mattress. Over time the only thing that usually happens to memory foam is an indentation or sag. So those warranties dont really cover anything. The odor associated with memory foam that has been compressed is not considered a defect.

This odor will dissipate over time. Please allow 30 days for odor to dissipate. Please make note memory foam mattresses are very heavy, 27lbs-82lbs.

READ the fine print and choose wisely. Only the items listed are included. Box spring, foundation, carpet, bed spread, models, lamps, wallpaper, etc are NOT included. The mattress and pillows are included.

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10 inch QUEEN MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS Traditional or Cool